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    Shennongyuan Biotech LLC was established in 2013, with the registered capital of 60 million yuan()and the legal person is Mr. Xiangdong Zhao. Shennongyuan Biotech LLC focuses on the peony oil high-tech industry, determines to build the nation-wide shennongyuan brand, and explores the sustainable development of the use and culture value of peony, to achieve a comprehensive industry chain of high-end agriculture, biological technology, tourism, peony culture and health service provider. 

    Shennongyuan was born in the ancient city of Millennium, Qinyang. Qianyang is on the south of Taihang Mountains, east to Qinling Mountains, on the north bank of the Yellow River, and is adjacent to Luoyang and Yuntai Mountains. The blood lineage, qualities, and the peony feelings of Shennongyuan are originated from the Shennong Mountains sit in the and ancient city of Qinyang, where Shennong Mountains was also the sanctum of Yan Emperor of ShenNong tasted hundreds of herbs and crops, and the altar of heaven. It was the place where the Yan Emperor of Shennongdiscovered the plant of peony. The geological and meteorological of Shennong Mountains makes it the most perfect place for peony life cycle development and qualities.

    In 2013, Shennongyuan built the partnership with the Plant Research Department of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The cooperation plan includes a total investment of 1.9 billion yuan()and a time spanof 5 years to establish a peony oil biological development and production industrial park of more than ten acres, seed breeding and production demonstration bases of more than hundreds acres, and a standard planting development area of more than thousands acres. The ultimate goal is to achieve more than 3000 acres of peony planting in the Taihang Mountains area, after which the company will profit from the synergy of peony planting, peony processing, and peony tourism with a revenue approximation of 415 million yuan (), and 83 million yuan () of tax.

    By the end of 2014, Shennongyuan has achieved the production demonstration bases of more than 820 acres and seed breeding bases of more than 260 acres to develop more than 160 million breeds yearly. In addition, Shennongyuan has developed the strategic development with Luoyang Chunyan Peony Biotech LLC, who wins the monopoly status in Luoyang with more than 16400 acres of planting bases which has won the national organic certificate. The company is playing an active role as the planting skill service provider to farmers, revealing the agricultural process step by step, to ultimately achieve the triple-win status of research institutions, corporations, and farmers.

    With the academic support of the team from Chinese Academy of Sciences, leads by Doctor Zhengan Liu, Shennongyuan has built up multiple research systems to provide the scientific support of the leading role in the peony oil industry. 

    For the production process, Shennongyuan is leveraging the cutting-edge technology of Sub-critical fluid extraction. The yearly production plan is more than 10,000 tons of peony oil. At the same time, Shennongyuan will prepare the peony flower tea and peony stamen tea to go on to the market. Base on the aesthetic qualities of peony, Shennongyuan will also work on the all-season blossom peony gardens, taking advantage of the developed planting bases, to set up the platform of peony education, peony arts and crafts, peony tourism, peony resort, and peony culture exhibition.

    Shennongyuan takes the Beijing marketing department as a starting point, will gradually develop the on-line and off-line marketing network in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities in China. The global marketing strategy is also in working process.

    In the current circumstances which the national grain and oil is in the threat of heavily dependent on the imports and potential crisis of national food safety, Shennongyuan is honored to take the responsibility of promoting green living environment, improving health status of population, and providing a better quality of life as our company mission. We will uphold the principle of “fairness, freedom, and fraternity” as our core values, “creating happiness for employees, and creating values for customers” as our business philosophy. We are determined to become the best peony products health provider in China, taking care of the Chinese wholesomeness by exploring the edible, medicinal and ornamental values of peony.